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IGT Terre Siciliane

Vine and percentages: Nero D’Avola 100%
Geographic area: Terre di Shemir cwith views of the Egadi
Altitude: 110 m a.s.l.
Refining: 5 months in bottle
Alcoholic Content: 13.5% in Vol.
Colour: Ruby red tending to purple, with well-defined arches on the wall of the glass.
Bouquet: the explosion of intriguing scents of strawberry, black currant, red mulberry and blueberry, showing finesse and elegance.
Flavour: In the mouth it is dry appealing for its freshness, caressing and embracing the scent of cloves garafano. At the second taste you feel the depth and freshness and a slight astringency that sets it apart.
Pairing: It goes well with cheese, red meat or braised.
Bottles produced: 5000
Notes: A blend sincere, as sincere and true is the passion of those who dedicate themselves every day to preserve nature and the integrity of this wine from grapes of Tempranillo. To my son-in-law.